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CMF Portfolio

  • Benchmark MSCI World outperformed in 16 out of 19 years
  • Overall return since 2002: 2410 % (MSCI World 168 %)
  • Long-term target return: Outperforming the MSCI World on a rolling 5 year-basis and/or 15 % p. a.
  • Actual annual return since 2002: 18.5 % (MSCI World 5.3 %)
  • Value, stock-picking, long-term investment approach
  • Clearly defined and systematic investment process
  • No country or sector focus
  • Average holding period: 5+ years
  • Concentrated portfolio: Presently 9 positions
  • Market caps: Usually investing in mid- and large cap companies

Service Offered

  • CMF Capital® is offering its service to corporate clients, as well as to private and institutional investors.
  • CMF Capital® does not have access to clients’ assets and does not provide individual advice.
  • Clients may participate in the performance of the CMF Portfolio® by subscribing to the Dr. Freise Report.
  • If you wish to learn more about a Dr. Freise Report subscription please contact CMF.
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